The Germany Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

With 4,933 square meters, the Germany Pavilion is inspired by nature. The visitor will be immersed in a journey through the most prosperous Germany.

padiglione germania

The Pagiglione Germany is the largest in Expo 2015. The set design is inspired by farmland, the flowering meadows, transposing in its architecture. The pavilion is gently sloping, recalling the natural slopes of the German countryside.

Inside stylized plants emerge from the base of the Pavilion and grow in height forming a large coverage on visitors and become the connecting element that unites the interior with the exterior. The Pavilion Germani was made entirely with creative and sustainable solutions for the future: the modern design blends with traditional materials, the rational use of space and resources, the technology and intelligent design. The material used is mainly wood. The facade allows natural ventilation ensuring high levels of energy efficiency.

A special feature of the pavilion is that each visitor will be given a seedboard ie an audio guide headset with which you can listen to the description of the pavilion and the attractions contained interactively. The audio illustrate the ongoing projects and solutions already implemented, but also ideas and suggestions to imagine what it will do in the future to safeguard them.

It will be possible infire taste and discover the rich agricultural German in three different areas: an area freely accessible dedicated to tastings, a special gourmet restaurant with haute cuisine and a restaurant that reflects Gemütlichkeit, the warmest hospitality that Germany is able to offer .

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