Typical restaurants in Milan

ristoranti tipici milanesi

The risotto alla Milanese, the shanks, the mondeghili .. Milan is a city with a rich gastronomic tradition .. If you want to taste the typical dishes of Milan will point out some of the restaurants that offer traditional cuisine of Milan and Lombardy ..

Despite the best choice is probably to get lost in the streets and alleys of Milan and venture into one of the restaurants / taverns in Milan, if you want to play it safe these three restaurants surely will not disappoint:

At Damm-atra, located along the Canal Grande, you can taste the cuisine of Milan, combined with some Emilian cuisine. In the menu of local traditional appetizers stand out as salad nerves, the modeghili and a selection of cheeses from Lombardy. House specialty risotto Damma-atra, served with cream of beans and sausage served on the side, the Wiener schnitzel, served on the bone and beaten, with delicious baked potatoes and ossobuco gremolada with lemon and parsley.

In the heart of Brera, Trattoria del Corso serves Milanese cuisine revisited, in a warm, cozy and design: oak flooring, elegant designer lamps and tables with chairs in classic walnut. In the menu point out various specialties such as risotto with oranges and carrots. The specialty, however, is the bourguignonne meat and fish, proposal with various tasting menus.

Rovello 18, in Tivoli, at the corner of Corso Garibaldi, offers a Milanese cuisine accompanied by an extensive wine selection. At the base of the dishes are refined raw materials and products that follow the seasons, from smoked salmon to Carpier, Barcelona, ​​porcini mushrooms of Borgotaro, lightly smoked ham from D’Osvaldo, from the area of ​​the Cormon mortadella Palmieri. Among the specialties we point out the ravioli stuffed, egg noodles Campofilone, a pasta factory in the Marche and the classic Milanese risotto with saffron pistils.

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