Triennale di Milano


La Triennale di Milano is located inside the Palace of Art, it is a cultural institution that produces international exhibitions, conferences and events of design, fashion, art, communication, architecture, society and cinema. The Triennale organizes exhibitions of great visibility, especially dedicated to contemporary art, to the great designers, architects and world-class designers, who were able to influence the tastes and habits of modern society.

Discover the most beautiful exhibitions of the Trienniale:

  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha. Tecnica e immaginazione - Mostra Triennale
    12.00 EUR
    Scopri Offerta
  • VII Triennale Design Museum: Il design italiano oltre le crisi. Autarchia, austerità, autoproduzione
    12.00 EUR
    Scopri Offerta


Viale Alemagna Emilio, 6, 20121 Milano, Italia

Tel: +39.02.72434208

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