Happy Hour in Milan: 5 places where to have “Aperitivo”

happy hour

Milan, you know, is the capital of Happy Hour. From 18.00 to 21.00 it is possible in all bar of Milan to enjoy a generous appetizer with the purchase of a cocktail that goes approximately from 8 to 16 euro. Dishes to be filled to the brim with pasta kept warm in aluminum tanks, tarts, cakes, pizzas, sausages fumigants and more. Let’s find out what are the most trendy richest buffet clubs for the Happy Hour …


Local colorful and lively. Groups of people pack in and out, which is set up a heated greenhouse in winter and shady in the summer season. The Happy hour lasts five hours (from 17 to 22). A cocktail costs 8 Euros. The buffet has in place a battery of mouthfuls of hot and cold from actual restaurant (appetizers, dishes, fruit).


Atm Bobino

Local historic Milanese born in an old bus shelter Atm. From 19 to 22 happy hour with cocktails at 8 € and buffet, then continue with music selected by DJs and theme nights. During warmer months, you can feast on the large terrace full of tables to spend a night under the stars. Great local aperitif especially for the originality of the location!



Interior painted in shades of green (from the floor to the vegetation painted on the walls), is characteristic for its monumental buffet. Maxi glasses (2/3/5 liters) for any cocktail choice to drink in the company with long straws (cost: EUR 15/30/50). The Happy hour takes place from 17.30 to 22 to 10 euro cocktail, with a buffet of hot and cold dishes: fried dumplings, pizza, lasagna, potato salad …



Local large with huge amount of seating inside and out and overlooking the marina of the waterway. The happy hour lasts almost all night and provides a giant buffet of pasta with meat sauce, couscous, pasta salad, sandwiches, meats, potatoes and more. Price: € 9 for a cocktail. Time: from 18 to 22.



Local long and narrow as a corridor of the train, but run like a pub-style lounge bar. The Happy hour offers a buffet selection abundant and rich (there’s even some fish dish). Hours: from 18 to 22. The average cost of a cocktail is 9 euro.


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