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car sharing milano

If you need a car in Milan one of the most practical ways to achieve it is definitely the car sharing. Car sharing allows you to rent a car for a single trip, to leave the car where you want and many other benefits, like getting into Area C and park for free. Several solutions are available to Milan (Lead, E-go, car2go, Enjoy ..). We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one..



The best car sharing service definitely dedicated to a tourist visiting Milan. The highlight of the car sharing Enjoy is that there are no registration fees. The rate per minute is the most advantageous and equal to 0.25 Euros including all expenses (including fuel). The fleet is about 600 units, including Fiat 500 and 500L d.

To acces the car it takes 5 minutes: you sign up, you receive a pin access and the car starts with the appropriate App (or via SMS by sending the code that is on the windshield, or by phone). Reservations are not required but possible, and last 30 minutes. It is not allowed to access and preferential Ztl.

The service of Mercedes Daimler covers 120 km square in the urban area of Milan with a fleet of 450 Smart ForTwo bookable through the site or application for smartphones. To open and drive the car you need a magnetic card which costs 19 euro.
The cost of car2go is EUR 0.29 per minute, or 14.90 euro per hour (below 50 km ride, otherwise it takes the rate of 0.29 euro per km) or, finally, for 59 euro a whole day. There are no fuel costs and the operator will keep it filled. However, if the level is less than a quarter of the tank, it is possible to make fuel and we will be rewarded with a refund of 20 minutes of free guide used within 30 days. Car2go does not provide fixed parking areas. You can leave the car everywhere, including blue stripes and yellow stripes for residents. It is not allowed to access to preferential lanes and Ztl.


It was the first car-sharing in Milan and is suitable especially for those who live in Milan. With a membership of 120 euro per year it offers the use of cars with hourly or daily rates (2.20 euro per hour, plus EUR 0.45 per km for a Panda or 45 euro a day ever for a Panda). The price includes theft and fire insurance, roadside assistance 24 hours 24 (valid throughout Europe) and fuel.

If you scrap your old car the subscription becomes free for the first year of enrollment and you have a 50% discount for the second year. Great advantage of this service, which makes it unique, is that it allows you to move outside Italy. Another huge advantage is the free access to bus lanes, in addition to limited traffic areas (ZTL).

The fleet is about 165 cars (Smart For Two, Panda, Peugeot Ion, Fiat 500, Grande Punto, Lancia Ypsilon, Prius, Mito, Giulietta, Touran, Doblò Cargo), available in parking areas and pre-bookable via the Internet or through the call center.

A peculiar characteristic of the service is that it has electric car at 5 euro per hour all inclusive. The autonomy of these car (fully recharged) is about 130 km and they have the advantage of being able to freely access preferential lanes,  Ztl and free parking on a blue and yellow stripes. The points of pickup and delivery (and charging) are 40, situated in stations and airports.

The service offers small electric car Free Duck Ducati that host a maximum of two passengers and bookable by phone, app or website. Great price, only 13 cents per minute. The subscription currently costs 30 € per year and 10 € the weekly. If you need the car only for short trips in the city, the solution EqSharing is great, but we must consider that the car can be left and found so far only in 15 car parks. It is allowed to access to Ztl, but not to the preferential lanes.

As with GuidaMi, you can choose different models from Mini Cabrio to the BMW Attiva, with prices varying depending on the model. The fee is 29 euro and every minute costs from 31 to 34 cents, always parking included.

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